Lead Safety

Federal EPA Regulations for Home Improvements

Since July 6, 2010, new Federal Regulations (EPA: 40 CFR part 745) requires additional lead safety measures in all contracted home improvements. Homes exempt are those:

  • Built after 1977 
  • Work site is less than 20 SF of exterior work or 6 SF of interior work and does not involve window replacement or demolition of painted surface areas
  • Site has been tested for lead by a certified firm and found to be lead-free 

The EPA Federal Requirements

  • Contractors must be lead certified to “40 CFR part 745”
  • Prior to any work beginning, contractors must give homeowners the pamphlet, EPA Booklet: The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to RENOVATE RIGHT
  • Work areas must be contained and identified with posted signs
  • Special equipment must be used to minimize dust (for ex: hepa vacuums)
  • Careful and thorough clean-up

"Opt Out" Clause

As of July 6, 2010, homeowners are no longer allowed to "Opt Out" of lead safe procedures.

How we conform to “40 CFR part 745”

  • Bartlett Brainard Products has always been concerned about lead and has been distributing the new "Renovate Right" booklet while requiring customers to fill out an acknowledgement form
  • Bartlett Brainard Products workers and the company are lead certified
  • The EPA required forms, materials, and tools are being utilized

Does your home have lead?
Only a certified lead test will tell you, however the EPA has published the following statistics.

  • Homes built before 1940 are 98% likely to have lead
  • Homes built between 1940 and 1960 are 70% likely to have lead
  • Homes built between 1960 and 1978 are 20% likely to have lead

More information can be found at these links: EPA site: Ruling

EPA Booklet: The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to RENOVATE RIGHT. (PDF, 20pp, 6.83MB) 
General information about legal requirements for safe lead practices for homeowners, tenants, child care providers and parents during renovation activities.

EPA Booklet: Testing Your Home for Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil (PDF, 20 pp, 204K)
Provides homeowners with an understanding of lead testing methods.

EPA Booklet: “Protect your family from Lead in Your Home” (PDF, 19pp, 1.59MB)
Required to be provided to prospective buyers and renters of pre-1978 homes and apartments.

EPA Booklet: Reducing Lead Hazards When Remodeling Your Home (PDF, 26 pp, 920KB)
Helps homeowners understand what precautions should be taken before work is done on their homes. 

“Steps to LEAD SAFE Renovation, Repair and Painting” (PDF, 34 pp, 5.01MB)
Guide for contractors/homeowners on how to plan for & complete a home renovation, repair or painting project in pre-1978 housing & child-occupied facilities using lead-safe work practices.